Graphic Designing

We have a great team of graphic designers and they always work on the basis of your requirements. Running a publishing agency, we specialize in book cover designs.
Have a look at these covers:

Here’s the incomplete list of what we provide:

  • Book covers
  • Leaflets
  • Advertisement posters
  • Academic project banners
  • Banners for website
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter posts etc.

Of course, any of these doesn’t include the cost of images used in the design. You have to purchase them from any of the stock image providers or ask us to purchase that for you. Royalty free images will be used otherwise.

We efficiently use ‘color theory’ to make every design stand out. We believe in professional designing and don’t childishly push all rainbow colors.
If you want to hire our graphic designers for their professional service, use the contact form to contact us.

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