Qaafiyah Expert (Android) - Release


Qaafiyah Expert is a simple tool which contains

  1.  A rhyme generator, with support of diacritics, filter for Urdu poetic meters and 3 scripts for search. Works offline.
  2.  A lightweight diary with offline "save" support.
  3.  An online portal for awesome literary posts, updated periodically.


Name: Qaafiyah Expert
Interface Language: Urdu
Category: Tools
Published by: Sarbakaf Group
Developer: Shakeeb Ahmad

Download Qafia expert



Quickly search rhymes entering last letters
Copy all qawaafi
Copy selected qawaafi
Diacritics (A'rab) for Urdu, in case your keyboard doesn't have them
Filter using metre feets
Filter using number of characters
Multiple scripts: Urdu, Hindi (Devanagri) & English (Roman) lists


Offline diary to quickly jot down poetry ideas
Save the content
Neat poetry preview with full justification
(User can take a screenshot and edit the pic in his favorite image editor later)
Adjustable font size, incase a verse length doesn't fit the screen


Top class articles for islaah-e-sukhan and language in general
Pull to refresh (if new article is posted)


Neat Design, Simple intuitive interface
Witty alerts and confirmation messages
First time in Urdu, "Ek app aisi bhi". Submit your ideas for our next app

Working on:

Making the search faster, Adding progress indicator


The app is still in the dev mode, so if you find any bug or want something to be included in the next version, please leave a review.

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  1. Qafiya Expert is a very good app for poetry lovers...but unfortunately, it's not supporting my new phone as it says that it was built up for old version android phones...Kindly update it so that it can align up with the latest android versions...Thanks for such an amazing app


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