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We will set your blog on with custom font support and full customization choice. If you are an Urdu bloggers, you no longer have to worry about “Nastaleeq” font-face. We don’t just define the fonts in the CSS, we embed them. It means that it doesn’t matter if your visitor’s device has the desired font installed or not, the website WILL be shown to him in nastaleeq, and perfect for Urdu language.
  • Full template customization
  • Multiple language support (Right-to-left languages and Left-to-right languages)
  • Arabic text style support with font
  • Stylish code snippet for bloggers who write technical tutorials
  • Custom download buttons in multiple sizes, Styles like error messages, drop cap, block quote etc
  • SEO friendly (Optimized to rank high on search engines like Google, Yahoo etc.)
  • Responsive design (The website looks great on every device)
  • Fast load time
  • Necessary concepts training (keyword, SEO, basic how-to guidance)
  • Our lifetime FREE support

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